Version 0.9.8 Bugs
Report bugs for version 0.9.8 here in a reply if it is not already listed in this first post.

Confirmed bugs:
- Loading screen while logging out sometimes freezes
- You can open the boxes even when a player is nearby, but you must be a certain distance Proof 1 Proof 2 Proof 3
- It takes multiple attempts to open a door. Proof

Need confirmation/proof:
- Can't destroy objects made by another player that have less than 24 hours left
- The game freezes very frequently.
- The zombies are with a lot of lag, they teleport through the lag and also make the game run slow.
- When the game freezes zombies can't kill us
- Logging out and back into the game may remove the players inventory (they in the same place they logged out at)

- When switching server, the player may log into the new server at the place they logged out of from the last server. Proof 1 Proof 2
- When you die, you appear at the last point where you stayed, and you appear with the days, thirsty and hungry. If you close the game before entering, you appear in another place with all your things and without days, without thirst and without hunger Proof 1 Proof 2
- Bases disappearing
- Can use crates and doors at a longer range than normal
You can interact with doors and crates at long distance, being those of oneself or of other players (these must be in good condition)
That's right, I confirm it! XD
How exactly does that work? Is the Press E/activate range further?
if the building issues are over, I can remove the pressing R to view it's age. That code is what is causing this.
(01-04-2018, 01:36 AM)chaozz Wrote: if the building issues are over, I can remove the pressing R to view it's age. That code is what is causing this.

I'll be on in about 2 hours i can let you know what rot times look like. As of last night everything looked fine but it was the first day.
I will try to record a video, so you can see it

I can't upload this video to Twitch :/

Video (Range Proof)
The builds i did the past 2 days show the correct number of days from when i built so you know.
A lot of the time when I try to close the game I get stuck in the gray loading screen and have to force the game to close, which erases everything on the char.
In this version, it is not allowed to destroy constructions made by other players that has less than 24 hours before disappearing.

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