Level 3 Boss
Love the game! I just started playing a few hours ago, but now I am stuck ;( I get to the end of level 3 but the boss is ssssoooo hard. As soon as I shoot him once he instantly kills me with fire. Is there a trick to this boss?
Double jump Wink
Thanks! I will give that a try,
Remember, if that doesn't work, try UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN Wink works like a charm lol
I don't like to cheat but the double jump helped big time! I beat the game on single player. I am now ready for some multiplayer action Big Grin

The problem is when I goto multiplayer the program freezes....

My brother said my computer should be more than good enough. I don't know much about computers but I think he said it was a 512 qubit quantum computer with a direct satellite zettabyte internet connection.
Moving this to off topic, if you need a hand with anything about Survius, make a new, detailed topic. Thanks Smile
I'm both confused and amused. It's a weird and pleasant combination. Tongue

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