music in 5 minutes
created this piece of shit in less than 5 minutes,

all sounds except the chords are from ingame sounds.

  other synths-canteen fillup, drinking, running, groaning)
lol, what is this man!?
ya needs more explanation, basically a music (wont call) made with ingame sounds... just a try you know, give some ideas and maybe we'll make a bigger better one
Is the song when you start the game made just for survius or is it something without copyright?
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DUDE this is so cool hahahhhaahaahhah nice job

I will play it in a loop to listen to it all day while I work.

Big Grin
Here's my little "piece of shit" lol

It wasn't supposed to sound like this, i had a nice drumloop with only ingame sounds and then... "what if i use this 909 kick" and it all changed.

Closed Hihat - empty clip
Open Hihat - steps (sounds really saturated)
Perc1/Clap - crossbow shot
Perc2 - gun shot
Snare - closing door layared on choping wood
Tom/Bass - hiting wall with fists

Like DarkCoder said, it's only a try, maybe something better could be done
ya you get it xD, yours not shit like mine

thats dope
lol hadnt listened to these. Polish's one sounds good as a "chase" effect Big Grin

DC... you keep on practising xD

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