Why So much Whining.....?
What I said before wasn't clear at all and added to the confusion. I have reset the server in the past and don't see it as breaking any rules when I'm just gathering loot (though I was told not to do it a lot), but the air drop time is causing too much metal to be added to the game. It's because there's so much that it's a problem. It was never stated that you shouldn't be resetting the server to get the air drops, we just assumed it was common knowledge (we are supposed to think that that's a bug where the player doesn't have to).

I'm getting annoyed with the whole "respect is a two way street" bit. You guys came here complaining about the wipe because you didn't realize it was a bug and we assumed you did and saw the complaints as being disrespectful and were rude in our replies.

I don't speak for all the admins about this, and what I say will change a lot as time goes on (my thoughts will change, I will be more level headed, etc.).

But as stated, we (admins vs. players) saw the air drop differently: we saw it as a bug being exploited, you saw it as a way to get metal (since it's the only way currently). Because of the differing views, we acted and responded differently. Hopefully everyone can agree with this.
I'm sorry to point this out but Daro, your entire statement is a contradiction and is one of the major causes of frustration. You just said you reset the server to get loot and were told "not to do it a lot" which implies that someone higher than you knew you were doing it and condoned it if you did it "in moderation"?!?! This is hypocritical. You then go on to say, "we saw it as a bug being exploited, you saw it as a way to get metal" - If you saw it as a bug exploited, why did you do it. Isn't being caught exploiting a bug a banning offense? 

Bottom line is this, We saw you admitting to doing it and saying it was not a violation so we did it too. Now you are saying that we exploited a bug and should have known better. Not cool.

I did not do it to stock pile metal, I did it to get creative. I tried to build a room entirely out of safes(only 5 safes shy Smile. It was a fun project and you can see it on US2 near the end of the craft-field lake near Rockridge. I thought it would be fun to build what I was calling "My safe room". I'm a little disappointed that I will not finish it but no biggie. When the time changed and a mod gave the ok to gather metal this way 3 of us worked as a team to get the metal and had fun doing it. Playing with others is a huge draw to this game but pitting the mods against the players in this game makes it difficult because people get angry and leave, people we enjoyed playing with. 

All I am asking is that Mods take responsibility for their part in this and stop blaming players for "exploiting a bug/glitch" when we were never told it was wrong. Like Night_Wolf, we thought it was a planned change to shake things up and keep the game interesting, like the new craft-able items or the helicopter. We love changes that make the game more interesting so why would we assume it was an error when a Mod is endorsing it?
Reseting the server to get loot has never been considered an exploit because sometimes the server would have to be reset before any loot would spawn 

This is not breaking any rules


Reseting the server constantly to get mass amounts of metal is 

Abusing bugs/glitches (please report bugs, help the game)

We identified this as a bug and it was present on our bugs list which everyone has access to in the bugs thread so there is no excuse it was identified as a bug and people exploited it

As I said before we discussed it in great length what the best possible route to take would be because so many people exploited the bug a wipe was the best solution 

We are discussing the matters you mentioned in our own section

If anyone doesn't have anything else to say I would like to close this thread
It seems I wasn't very clear.

I have never reset the server to get the airdrop/metal. I used to reset the server to get loot in the mountains (back then going out of the mountains was sure death for me).

I was told resetting the server to get that loot every 5 minutes wasn't something I should be doing. And they're right, I'm abusing a system to do something it wasn't meant to do. The server is meant to respawn loot after a restart, but it isn't meant to restart every time you get the nearby loot.

The admins thought of resetting the server as a bug being exploited, but the players were never told and couldn't have known that we didn't approve because we never told you.

As a side note, I'm only an admin on the forums, I'm a player in the game. I will get banned for the same reasons you will and just as fast (in the game).
i keep up viewing this shit fairly often and i can say, fixing bugs that give stuff but not ones that have made ppl lose everything over a looooonnnnggg period of time was stupid af, the constant wipes, etc. u really dont get y the players are angry? i dont play anymore but its even easy for me to see, chaoz wants a game HE enjoys, not anyone else, then y ask ppl to play it?
fine.. so suggest something. Do you have somrthing better in mind then to remove 1600 instances of metal where the game cannot event handle 8 players together?

This step was teken so that people dont lose their bases... just the metals.

What else idea do you have? Full map wipe every update?
its damn near that anyway ive seen wipe after wipe since i ever heard of this game, no i suggest before updating things adding bs and changing meaningless things like whether or not zombs drop matches, first should focus on things like server stability, and peoples crates and fires not losing all their stuff. and ultimately he WILL have to be more open minded, as to things his players want whether its one extra gun, or w/e but the way hes doing it isnt working and stubbornly attempting to keep trying it the same way..
if you donate a thousand euros to host a dedicated server, sure, he will add not only 1 gun, but also drivable tanks.

Thats a prob about people who have no idea about game development, like its only a bunches of lines of codes

Im trying not to be rude here but thats the reality we've been saying for long enough, 1 developer, free game, no budget, no donation will lead to nowhere near server stability

So i still don't get how you guys say that the game is not stable. Go play a game that has more than 20 developers and designers, though it will maybe cost you like 20-30 euros on steam. Don't expect gta V styled features in an alpha stage of a non steam-1 man devloped-free game
Sgt, wipes only happen when there's a game breaking bug or a huge change (eg. when doors can be opened by anyone, when there's 1600 metal in the game, when you can build on someone else's base, or when you can only destroy your own base).

The game is moving to be more stable, but every now and then a big bug appears an a wipe is needed. If you can't live with wipes every few updates, then maybe, just maybe, alpha games aren't for you. Alpha is where features are added, the game breaks, bugs are fixed, and it's overall unstable. Beta is when things are a bit more stable, and release is when you can get mad over a wipe.
i dont play anymore however i saw promise, now it seems as if, as i stated before, chaoz intends on making a game hee enjoys, regardless. i refer to an earlier comment, maybe not even one on this post "creating craftable items" ok so u have an excess of metal. now what? literally u gunna make 100 doors? 100 obstacles ppl can just break? its not really game breaking i mean ok ya arrows forgot u guys added that, so i counter part of my own statement, but i hope yall understand what im getting at, not coming from a player anymore, except i watch when my uncle gets on, but i see these things and i see how response to issues is biast.

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