Fun Videos
"Man is in the forest"

"The Deer Hunter"
waaaaatttt?? lmao
Pretty cool...
If one is so with his body, you can not get high days.
And then you do not have to be jealous of other players.
@OnlyRegistered.. uuhh???!!
OnlyRegistered it sounds like you got that from a fortune cookie! LOL

Sorry, but I am not jealous of "high days". I will post a video soon of my "safe room" which is all I want to accomplish right now. I know Chaozz and the team are working really hard to fix game crashes and glitches but until they are fixed, I am not trying to set a record for days when it can be taken by a glitch since as you know that happened to me last time and I was at 28 or 29 days. But good try. Please just enjoy the videos.
But I am with a glitch or not. Because there is the reason in the game for me.

You started here where is my answer?

Or is that your answer now?
Aaaaand locked. Try keeping the thread on topic next time.

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