Challenge fire barrel
Since there are players who have fun to turn off  the fire barrels at other players base.
I think this is pointless just to show you were there.

That is why I came with this challenge!  Now turn off  these fire barrels, if you can!
It will make you work. lol

You give a screenshot of turning off, I award you with 4x scrap metal, 2x clean water and 2x grilled meat.
The fire barrel is located on server EU2 on the first mountain before Great Vliet. And you do not have much time. 
Good luck!
Pay attention!

We have an extra prize to offer!

The reward is;
4x scrap metal, 2x clean water and 2x grilled meat / from me
the winner will get a paid steam game for free / A 5$ steam game (sponsored by DarkCoder)

Thank you DarkCoder
Here something happens?

That was too easy I think.

All my respect. The winner of challenge fire barrel is LeftNut

here his screen shot;

[Image: barrel2.png]
Great job LeftNut
Awesome... btw @chaozz this was a gift code... not real $$$ Tongue if i had ways to online transact via paypal.. i would donate every single day tbh

gg leftnuts..
Thank you for the cooperation, I have fun.

Until next time ...
Thread locked Smile
Unlocked as requested by OnlyRegistered.
Thank you Mohenjo Daro! 

Are you interested again in a competition in the same style "fire barrel" on Server EU2?
LeftNut is excluded from this challenge.

Please let me know!
Nothing has been done I just want to know if interest exists.

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