Banned for no reason ...
Please start being honest.

Alias: abughoush90

Alias: Momen

The similarities in the email address and the fact that you share IP addresses makes us fairly certain that you are one and the same person. If you can try and be honest about it, perhaps we can give you a second chance and unban you. But if you keep up the lies, it's hard to help you.
There is many people in the game know me and know ghoush90 , u can ask them about me( momen) to be sure and to know , like" polish , Groot and only for register " and many of them and the most important one who report ghoush90 he will know me and he know that is ghoush90 not me he is my cousin so for that we share the family name in the email address , he saw us play together in same time , how I can play in 2 account in same time .!!!
You can have 2 accounts on at the same time if you have 2 computers that you're on, or if you install the game in different locations.

It's also suspicious when you use over 20 IPs after you were banned. After changing it 5 times most people would guess the "fix" they found online doesn't work, they don't normally try 15+ more times.

I'm sorry if you feel we aren't listening to what you're saying, we are; but we are also looking at the facts of your ban:
1) You have very similar emails
2) You tried to get around the ban by changing your IP many times
3) The two accounts share a similar IP address (IP's are from your router)
Listen man , I swear to god I am not the same guy , his age is 16 my age 24 his name is Ahmad abu ghoush my name is momen Abu ghoush , he is in the school and u can know from his behavior and what he did , u know what the teenager look like , and am an accountant this year I graduated from Philadelphia university , and I don't have 2 computers I have just 1 and I wish he don't broke
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