Banned abughoush90
ok thats it .. he is insulting me and everyone else ... and using hard language about my mother .. i dont accept that if u do accept it on urself its fine with me then ... but if not please take an action .. this toxicity isnt acceptable at all  Angry Angry Angry

- he used a bug to enter my house and took my supplies too ... u cant build near other players foundation .. he built 3 boxes as a stairs and got in and out with all of my supplies even the rare ones ... i think this count for something ...

Screenshots link >>

forgot to add this one >>
I'm one for a ban, doesn't seem he can say a sentence without cursing. Other admins?

Thread locked while we decide. (Either we will discuss it here or make an admin only topic, we will inform everyone of the decision afterwards).
the only bad word i see is bitch. it's not a nice thing to say, but is it really worthy of a ban? constant harassment is of course. if that is the case a ban could be in order.

him looting a dudes house via boxes is not punishable of course.
According to the rules

Quote:These rules will result in an instant kick and a permanent ban if you continue:
Abusive/Excessive language in game-chat or forums

I guess we should contact him somehow/send him a mail as a warning and kick him out ?

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