Banned abughoush90
insulting and being aggressive towards newbies, this kind of players shouldn't be around ... if u want the game to have players ... 
He kills anyone passing by .. and using abusive words .. so take an action .. Thanks >>> Link
Yea, I confirm that /
OnlyRegistered - 08/24/2017
:warning: Beware of abughoush90, is an enemy! (meaningless kill)
There is no such thing as a meaningless kill. There are no rules against killing other players.
(09-06-2017, 05:10 PM)chaozz Wrote: There is no such thing as a meaningless kill. There are no rules against killing other players.

Yes of course, not the kill it self. But the way the player is and express themselves to other players.
Please see the chat;
noted for abusive words. But as chaozz said. you have to accept death
i accept death .. but u want to make a community here the game is still alpha .. u need to attract players .. so there should be a penalty for killing maybe ... if u kill players outside your base territory you get penalty ... cause killing everyone .. isn't a good idea of a game cause they take it as they are the ones who are OP and the ones who are controlling .. he told me that i need permission to go to clemen. to my own base -_- ... a penalty should be applied .. this isn't a FPS game ... as i understood you are creating a world which is sick and trying to recover ... there is an outbreak yea you might face other players as enemies but not getting killed from anyone in my first - 5th day .. cause its the way it should be as i believe .. about his rudness, i dont accept it .. he insulted me for no reason .. i didnt even aim at him or insult him or even speak in a bad way .. i think for abusive words u can create something in script ... when someone says " Fuxx - MotherFxxxxx- Bitxx - Axxxxle - etc... " get muted from the game or get kicked for a certian amount of time .. and about killing .. if u kill players alot .. lets put 10 players as minimum you get kicked from the server for 300 Seconds .. and if u keep killing for no reason away from your base you get it doubled ... i think this will make players think twice before attacking each other cause it should be think to live not kill to live ... + now there is no airdrops or even a drop from the dead body so its not cool to kill at all ... sorry for making it long but i had to say all that !!
How to solve the problem -> make weapons harder to find. Less player killing happens. Problem -> less ways to defend yourself. (This is a very bad idea when you think about it fully).

Some people like killing players for fun, they enjoy the rage it causes. It's just part of the game. On some servers you have players who go around killing players that do senseless killing; in other servers, you have players that join the senseless killing.

It's usually pretty easy to dodge a player shooting at you: run at then and change your direction. Once you get close enough to then, pull out your fists and fight them. You can kill players with your fists (it takes more skill if they have a weapon).

Also keep in mind that healing in this game is hard. Don't expect a player to regain the health if you punch them. It might take a couple lives, but you can punch them to death.
Without words!!!
Just as an example; Today on EU2 at 08:00 PM
DarkCoder Wrote:noted for abusive words. But as chaozz said. you have to accept death

That's the extent of it. Thread locked. Open a new thread if he breaks the rules again.

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