Tips for things to do in this game. Any challenges?

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Makes a kind of arena for PVP. You're a good builder, you'll make it (There's time, lol Smile) Good luck!
This is very challenging.
Can do the same without using boxes. GG EZ
(08-28-2017, 03:12 PM)BlackPaladin Wrote: Can do the same without using boxes. GG EZ

using tent?
challenge here:

how long can you get into the sea?

Im curious about what will stop you.. Two theories I expect  Big Grin

[Image: the-truman-show.jpg?1441198681]
[Image: 221.png?w=640]
I've already thought about it, it's an interesting challenge.
dont see why. just need to build foundations into the sea. I suppose they wont be anymore allowed at some point. only chaozz knows the answer right now
You can build foundations in the ocean lol, I've done it before when testing a water base
i'm getting lost here, maybe because I tend to skip pronouns. The challenge is to find the limit of the Survius world, earth, environment or whatever limits the sandbox that we play.. one idea is building foundations through the ocean and see until where you are allowed to and what do you find there.

I just added some comical references to the theory of flat earth and the film Truman's show. That was my challenge proposal for emerit, who asked for some. Any other ideas?

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