Survius iMap
I found this fantastic website and thought it could have some use for the game. It might be helpful for starters and it's also good to have a database map of the game for the players (im sure chaozz knows where everything is  Smile  )

For starter I brought some of the information plotted by BlackPaladin in Huts 2.0, and added some more info myself (all by heart, so most will be mistaken).

The NW corner of the map is placed in 0,0 Lat Lon coordinates, which ironically lies in the middle of the ocean, not very far from Africa (maybe that's why our characters are black...). Zoom out the viewer and you'll see.

Everyone is welcome to improve the map and add more info, but please read below before using:

- Use this link to edit.
- To update the map, click "Menu" and "Save Map" using the password: $urvius (just Survius using a dollar sign $).

Some tips:
- Try to have the drag tool always selected. The selection tool drags the selected objects, so we can easily relocate the basemap without realising and skew everything. The drag tool also allows to zoom by double-clicking.
- Use the selection tool ONLY to select and edit existing features. As said above, it is very easy to move the basemap and skew everything.
-If you do skew anything, use Control-Z or Control-Y to undo/redo.
- Copy and paste information with right click. Control+C and Control+V dont seem to be recognised by the app. You may want to copy and paste a description, name or color code several times; select the text and right click to show the options popup and use these to copy and paste.
- Scales of markers are tricky. You can choose different sizes before placing them and also zoom in or out when placed to change their size. When you are happy with the scale of the marker (in comparison with the rest in the map) tick the box "Shrink on zoom". This will avoid the marker changing size when zooming.
More tips:
- Use markers and avoid drawing shapes. Lines and polygons are treated as overlays and a layer manager is not enabled in the free version. Markers, instead, always appear on at the top, so if the background basemap needs changing it will always remain in the back. Standard shapes drawn before the new basemap will have to be deleted and redrawn to show them on top, so avoid using them.
- Recommended marker sets: "Tabs - Miscellaneous", "ICS - Any subcategory" and "Standard - Shapes". Just so you dont go crazy searching all categories, these are pretty standard and look good. Always make sure you use an adequate size and compare it with other existing markers.

The map is saved in my account and I can load older versions just in case something goes wrong, so don't be afraid to add your stuff!

Also, dev/mods could have a say on what to and not to include (it's pretty obvious that we don't want to be plotting everyone's bases and doing silly stuff like that, so please take it seriously).
Um... Am I supposed to be seeing a blue screen? I see the points, but no map
background image got broken somehow... i'll find out later
changed the basemap host from gDrive to imgur, let's see how long it lasts or I might need to find another permanent host.

i've tried it in 3 different devices and works fine. You may need to click on one of the elements on the left menu if the map doesn't load in its correct position.

basemap link, if anyone wants to help improving it:
(i took mine from here but it needs some more work, unless chaozz provides a HD air view of the islands)
-added main places
-some more tips in the initial post
-needing to update loot information and basemap
-need to test links to Wiki
-maybe develop customised game markers
-need to add zombie spawn
-need to add abandoned cars and their loot
Awesome! I like the map! gonna be a great help foe beginners! keep it updated

PS the internet communinty is a
much more troll than you think. I think [according to my opinion not as a moderator... just as a player] that it is better to not let everyone edit the map... idk what you decide/others say... just saying ?
well, i'll be keeping an eye on it. i like the phylosophy of anyone being able to add info to it. there are a couple of steps to take before the map is saved, so hopefully noone will be loosing time to fool around with it.

the good thing is that it can also be corrected by anyone else
DTOMfike has created an incredible game blog and was kind enough to take this map the limit.

for an incredibly complete version of the Survius iMap visit his blog:
Thanks bud! Excelent work! I love it!  Big Grin

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