3D modelling
Linking to "Find the map", let's create a thread where we can share our experience or doubts in 3D modelling.

Here is a GDrive folder where you can share your work with the community:

Hope to see your models around and some useful tips on how you have achieved them. I think that could help anyone interested in getting into this.

I personally started playing in Unity with different shapes, inserting different textures, shaders, moving around the light and so on. (EDIT: thx to people sharing some old Survius maps in "map", they were really useful to produce mine).

Unity has very useful tutorials to get started with, which will help you understand a bit what you are doing.

So after playing around, I did some customised variations for different parts of the map. Also someone suggested to place signs around the map. Based on the same meshes I started some indication post samples, but this can be worked out quite easily. (EDIT: I think it will be worth making proper meshes in SketchUp)

For the future I'm thinking in trying a blinking fluorescent sign for an abandoned bar/café, see how Unity can deal with it.

Also looking forward to using Blender for some proper complex modelling. Anyone has any thought about it? Will sketchup enable complex character modelling?

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I love them all. Epic!
I have worked on a few things in blender from cars to characters,but as far as ive been told my sort of models are just to high poly counts. i tryed a few weeks ago to make a simpler house and was planing to bake the textures on but part of me thinks it could look out of place with whats done and i think chaozz likes it better that he makes it all for himself.  


Start high go low once your models are more or less complete try disolving what edges,faces, and verts that you can delete any uneccesaery faces/verts (bottom face of a table,bottom face of a leg)

Within you uv maps combine objects that are similiar

example cylinder leg has 8-32 faces going around each the exact same shape and size

in your uv map you can match all the verts up so all 4 legs are stacked on top of each other Smile

If your still having trouble there are always ways to further dissove faces think outside the box Wink
I have no problems with including player 3d models. Quite a lot of models in the game are not mine. I just like them to be low poly, because honestly I don't see the need to give in on performance for a very detailed structure. I also don't think that would fit the look of the current game.

Coming back to your models, kirsin, you are a 3d wizzard. Honestly, they are stunning.
What i was going for  Big Grin

What i got in unity Angry
shout if you what the .fbx
wow thats so impressive!

are they just standard Unity objects or do you have any additional plugin to sculpture and edit shapes?

you're making me think that Unity can model really complex stuff. looking forward to trying something like that.
kirsin didn't make that in Unity for sure. I myself use Sketchup, but I think Kirsin uses Blender.

And looking at the model, you didn't set your texture to use bump mapping, like you did in Blender Smile

Send the the FBX, please! I encourage everyone to send me models. I won't promise I'll include it, but it wouldn't be the first 3rd party model I'd use.
Yes i use blender. the reason i had no bump mapping was the texture was all procedural in blender but thanks ive made all the different maps and the bump just need to be set low like 0.4 or something plus my unity asks to fix it which i let it do. Im still very noobish at unity. Plus there's a very simple chairs and tables inside the tram with own texture you might want to lose this if counts to high but i just put it in to fill space as with it being wrecked you can see inside
.... just amazing wow kirsin

Unleash your inner poweeeeeeerrrrr

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