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Anyone else getting huge spikes in ping? I have under 50 ping in the server select screen but while playing it says my ping in well over 500 or 1000 but I'm playing with no lag. Asking here because it might just be my internet.
Still getting warnings when ping is over 200 but <250
[Image: cf586f24720f4356b30a112fd891ee97.png]
I'm having a similar problem ping 170 but it warns me and says 210 sorry no pictures
that is so weird. I double checked that is uses the same value. It must be echo-ing the previous ping instead of the current or something. I'll look into it!
Well the ping list the player see doesn't update unless a new player joins or leaves. So we don't actually know what our ping is at.
(05-20-2017, 11:20 AM)jininja Wrote: I'm having a similar problem ping 170 but it warns me and says 210 sorry no pictures

your ping is actually 210 (ya it increases when you join the server)

That is not the bug, the bug is as daro said

1) The ping in "L" doesnt update when players leave/join or host changes

2) The ping warns you even when its less than 250 but more than 200

#everything_cleared xD
I think the ping system is broke us1 and us2 while in the menu always are around 34-75 never been higher while in the menu now im seeing insane values like 700-1500??
Good to know I'm not the only person hitting 1000+ ping
cant join any servers because of it reset my internet same issue

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