A guide to play Survius
Hello fellow survivors!

Here is a short guide how to play Survius, and which things you should keep in mind while playing the game.


Here are the default controls. All controls can be changed in the game.
  • Player Movement: WASD
  • Jump: SPACEBAR
  • Crouch: C
  • Pickup/Interact: E
  • Surrender: P (after the timer hits 0, press P again to leave Surrender mode)
  • Equip Flashlight: 1
  • Equip Melee: 2
  • Equip Gun: 3
  • Toggle flashlight / Toggle aim: Right mouse button
  • Shoot gun / ¬†Swing melee: Left mouse button
  • Chat: Y (Escape to cancel)
  • Toggle the map: M

Surrender mode

Pressing P will enter surrender mode. This is useful if you get overrun by a group of players, or get cornered while scavenging. This mode allowes you to negotiate with the players that hold you up. You can chat and access your backpack, so perhaps you can trade back one ammo clip for some food from your backpack?

When entering surrender mode your player will put his hands up in the air. It also ensures that you are not vulnerable to bullets or melee attacks.

The downside is that you will drop all your ammo clips (if any) and that you will be stuck in surrender mode for at least 180 seconds. After that you can press P again to exit surrender mode. The second you lower your hands, you are vulnerable again to bullets and melee attacks.

The clips you dropped will have disappeared (user dropped items disappear after 120 seconds) or other players might have taken them.


You can hunt deer. Deer are scattered around the island, but mostly in the more dense forrest areas on the map.

For now you will have to have a pistol to hunt them. They are a one shot kill, but they can be startled easily. Killing a deer will make raw meat drop near it's body. You can consume this raw meat, but it will only nurture your hunger a little bit, plus it will also take some health as eating raw meat can make you sick.

To really take advantage of the nutricious deer meat, you will have to grill it on a campfire.


A campfire is useful for giving you some needed light during the dark and dangerous nights. But you can also use them to grill your raw deer meat.

To create a campfire, you need to find 4 logs. These logs can be found in and around the various houses on the island. When you have 4 logs in your inventory, you can open your inventory and click the Create Campfire button.

To interact with the campfire, you need to look at it and press E. You can then toggle the fire and and off, and click the grill slots to add any raw meat you have in your inventory. After a cooking time of 120 seconds you can take the grilled meat off by clicking the slot again. You don't need to keep the campfire interface open for the meat to grill. You will need to keep the fire burning obviously.


During the day, zombies are pretty passive and will only attack you when they spot you. They need two gunshots, or two swings with a melee weapon.
During the nights however the zombies will become more active and will attack you randomly. It might be best to stay indoors, or in forrest areas.

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