sorry for accusing you of changing my thread, i should have known who really did it, even after promises were made to DEFER all things away from MOHENJO DARO because of his obvious bias towards me, i made a big stink when he edited my first post, 'i wont do it again' LIAR ADMIN, he edited my 2nd post 'i promise ill defer any post edits to another admin' another broken promise by MD ADMIN, and now the most recent one, where i was punished because he has an obvious grudge against me, obviously his promises are SHIT, hes not even qualified to be an admin, and he still targets me because he can, thats a real life coward, not a "shoot someone in the back while they're choping wood" type of coward
no. not this again.
Lol, I'm not sure if I should take this post seriously.

Wrecker, I would have had a different admin do it, but as the senior forum mod, I have to do some of it. If it makes you feel better, a thread was created and the admins online discussed whether or not to change your post (it was decided that we should), so I changed it to the decided name. Feel free to ask the other admins, you should get similar responses.
The admins agreed it should have been changed before the change was made therefor there was no wrong doing

RReopened in case wrecker has anything to say (hopefully an apology)
i said my apology, you can delete this if you want, i apologized for the wrong accusation, i dont apologize for anything else, ive served my sentence for those offenses
/req closed/deleted
Thread closed

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