Just joking a bit with my "friend" CrazyMonkey.
I stated the word hes calling me a racist over and saod i used it for offense not racism. ALL U ADMINS said the word in forum so PLZ stop acting so high like im being soooooooo unreasonable
Dude...It doesn't matter what they do to instigate, we'll handle them on that, we are talking about how you react.  You've been banned before for calling someone the N-word, now you're here again telling someone to out their hands to good use and go pick something?  I can read the deleted comments, and I'll tell you, DC is being VERY lienant on you.  I would have banned you already AGAIN....

Chill yourself out and calm down.  You can't always just claim that "they made me rage" I'm sorry.
@Krazy thread is closed. To me it seems that you are baiting sgt, which is against the rule. You are warned too
Here we go again.  Permaban this joker and let's move on.
3 days ban for abusive words after warning and failing to abide by moderators.

@Krazy refrain from baiting or you are next

* only from forums, since its forum related
I share the same IP as him can one of the admins please message me so we can work this out? I've been trying to get a hold of someone about this situation =(
ill see what i can do
Thread closed, becoming a flame war.

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