Just joking a bit with my "friend" CrazyMonkey.
Drama Cool


I request an admin to eitherway close or erase this thread, this is getting a bit offensive.
rofl white power meetings? nah bro I bet you anything you have gotten upset at a video game just like everyone else doesn't make you an angry noob so shut up... like for reals.... stop trying to justify your stupid friends combat logging by bringing up old crap and acting like it somehow matters xD you just have no real defense here so stfu and play the game and hash it out there stop justifying we all were there we saw what serialkiller did you cant change what the eyes have seen =) but whatever its a game. Serial knows what he did end of story. lets move on and see if you can reclaim your honor =P
(03-27-2017, 08:27 AM)Sgtbilkko Wrote: Damn it deleted it well krazy you dont know me at all if u have a problem with who i am handle it in real life or shut the fuck up about it on a game forum. Youre a child to try and use personal attacks to upset me. You are a "keyboard hero" coming to your boyfriends side over something u know nothing about. This isnt about serial u just wanted a chance to attack me. Hahhaa ur a real child

Anyway combat lobging is for wussies, shinigamis like apples, krazy cash me in game if u wanna talk shit, peace out

[sarcasm]You are not an angry noob at all[/sarcasm] Look at what you just wrote Lol.
Do I even need to respond? You are proving my point for me. 


Combat logging or not.... I'd take 100 SerialKillers in-game over you any day.
omg krazy stop you troll at this point your doing nothing but fueling the fire.... stop being a stupid troll and find better use of your time. ANY ADMINS OUT THERE PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD/POST!!! its obvious that krazy is trying to troll sgt out of his dislike for him and this whole post is way off topic now. Leaving this thread open will just keep the hatred flowing here... everyone makes mistakes and gets upset can this please just stop? Like can we all just be better people and say enough is enough lets enjoy the game?
Sgt is the one who took it off topic. This thread was about SK killing Monkey. I am just doing what he tried to do Smile

But I guess he doesn't like it when the shoe is on the other foot?
He put one truthful comment on here solok. Your the one that wont let it die just fueling a fire for fun just stop your being a child.

Its fine this will be closed soon i have contacted the forum admin. This has gotten out of hand. Ima restate that EVERYONE GETS MAD... Lets hash it out in game not sir on forums creating a bunch of drama
**DELETED** Offending language
Refrain from using abusive words here. SGTbikko. You are warned, might get temp ban
Dude do u not see this sbit darkcoder


Tell krqzy to stop crying and using personal attacks of he cant handle language
Whatever he's doing, he's not taking it off limit by using abusive words. Calm down

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