Server wipe?
So ive been hearing lately about a possible server wipe. I recently started on a big 2nd base and want to know if i should just stop now hahaha. Is it confirmed that there will be a wipe? If so when? Do we get to keep anything at all?
A server wipe will get rid of all object on the map (everything that is player made), but it will not remove your inventory. When there is a wipe you will want to keep as many items as you can in your inventory.

We will let everyone know officially on Saturday (1 day before the update) if there will be a wipe.

A good rule of thumb is, if there is an update coming (especially if you know the date), then hold off on making new structures, repair what you can, and have the most important items in your inventory when you log off. Only issue is when you logon and crash... Since you know the day the update is being released, you don't need to logoff with your items until then.

If there's an update being released, don't make big bases. Play as if there will be a wipe.
Please guys, don't do wipe. It's not necessary to do that.. There is no more bugged bases. And you say don't make big bases. So what's the point of playing then, just run around map and have 1x1 foundation. Last wipe i understand was necessary to do because of lot bugged bases, but now, everything is fine and everyone try to build strong bases to survive, and you want to wipe it again, i hope you don't..
Bugged bases, no; tons of safes all around the map that should be there, yes.

I said don't make a big base when there is an update coming in the next few days. Make big bases after an update comes out. If you don't like map wipes after updates that have game breaking bugs, maybe alpha isn't for you... Building safes everywhere and stopping players from building a base can be considered game breaking.

We'll let you know on Saturday if a wipe is coming.
another wipe already wow
Thread locked, as will any asking before Saturday. We're not giving a 100% answer until then.

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