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Did you guys know we have a facebook page?  Yep, check it out, Survius Facebook .  It's Chaozz's official page for the game, so if it's posted on there, it's LEGIT.  It doesn't get near the traffic or views as the forums do, but it's a great way to spread the game.  If you just click "like and follow" it'll pop-up in your feed and allow all your Facebook friends see the link and an opportunity to visit and like it too. 

Facebook is an amazing marketing tool.  With just 20 people sharing the page on their timeline, say those those 20 have 100 friends, now we've been seen by 2000 people, Two THOUSAND people now know about survius, and have the opportunity to click "Play" and download.  That's 2,000 more opportunities to get a new player, 2K more opportunities to get a financial supporter, two thousand more opportunities for 100 more of their friends to see Survius, 
Starting to get the picture?  More players and viewers = more opportunities for donators, more donations = quicker development, quicker development = quicker to Beta

So, If you haven't liked and/or followed, go do it now.  Click here!!! NOW! 

Do it...come on, just go do it, it'll take 31.7 seconds...I timed it...so easy a cave man can do it..  

Speaking of Donations...did you know Chaozz will unlock some super cool custom t-shirts in the game for you?
Yep, he will...just gotta ask.

So how do I ask you say...

Simple...He's got this super cool and easy messaging forum called Paypal to Chaozz, head over there and send him a $5 Euro "note" to "paypal@chaozz.nl"  and he'll hook you right up.  Check them out Here...

Don't let me be the only Captain America roaming the streets....

Great example...I posted the New Server Browser post on FB 20 minutes ago, it's already reached 18 people.  18 People have read that post in 20 minutes...see the potential here...?
yes i know i have it Smile
The facebook page has pictures of things like a rifle, and a horse in the road. Are these things we can expect to see?

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