What is happening to Clem
What the heck is happening to our beloved, and well fought over town of Clemenster?

The place is falling apart, need some maintenance crews in there.

my town has rid itself of the hoopies
We left then it seemed to die out. I guess it was no fun without usĀ  Tongue
its just run out of fun things to do
the game is what you make of it
us1 is my main server, the other servers are there for me to pillage and plunder the bases and players, and also try to stay alive for as long as possible
I'm still on duty in clemenster to protect my base lol
its literally adapt to survive, dont like it, move to the island away from everyone and just be a recluse
Imma tell you what's going on in clem. Tracker started that stupid trend of building tall towers making us all lag when we are near clem and ruining the view. Idk if you remember the post of Gav I think. "clem at night" it was beautiful back then, now clem is run by ants. BTW you know I love you tracker, no homo tho.
i could come back and destroy the rest of my base if that would help

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