Need a new Barber
This joker has my fade all jacked up....


Chaozz,  I think it may be related to the custom shirts.  I don't notice it when im not wearing my custom shirt.

Speaking of custom shirts...DID you guys know you too can sport 1 of many custom t-shirts for your in-game avatar?  Yep, easy as pie, a $5 Euro piece of pie, just head on over to paypal and hit our boy Chaozz up for a 5 note.  He'll get you hooked up.
wouldnt it be easier to take a screenshot, instead of a phone pic?
Don't judge me....It was close to dark, i was in the open and Mac screenshots require you to get the "focus" off the game window, which means Esc, or crafting menu, which would cover what i'm trying to take a pic of.
looks fine. he's just a bit bipolar. Tongue
(03-17-2017, 09:45 AM)chaozz Wrote: looks fine. he's just a bit bipolar. Tongue

Chaozz back at it again with the roasts

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