Is this a bug?
I can open my crafting window and chop and craft simultaniously, is this a bug?or okay to do?
Wouldnt call that a bug I would call that multitasking :p
Ok cool thankyou
We call that the "Super Swing" cause he actually swings the axe differently.  I'm not sure if it was designed that way, but it's cool to use.  then you can see exactly when you have enough planks to make a wall, etc...
Been doing it for ages, makes building a bit faster.
yep, you can immediately tell when you're "full" of logs, so you don't chop that last one just to see that your inventory is full...

I just like seeing i build planks, i see the "recipe card" for the other items start to fill up...keeps me invested..
yeah i can chop 10 planks at a time with that method, 11 now that we can use the flashlight slot
That is a bug, but since it doesnt affect gameplay so it has a very low priority to get fixed.
it's a bug, but i don't consider it game breaking, so i have no hurry to fix it Smile

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