Just a crash, but kinda neat
So, I was boiling water and cooking steaks...just standing there watching the time tick down..and I crashed...got the billboards...

UHHHGGG!!! I just lost 3 canteens and 3 steaks....

But then i noticed...hey, the "cooking menu" is still up AND the timer is still ticking...


Lets just see what happens, so I stayed in the crash screen till the timers reached zero, clicked on my canteens and steak, and they disappeared.

Then I exited, and upon respawn...guess what..

They were in my inventory, and cooked and boiled...


So if you crash out while cooking...just be patient....
Never waited for the time counter goes 0 while cooking. Good to know now. You still got your days too, nice. Thanks for sharing.
yes, if you exit the crash screen via the exit menu, it still saves all your player data, including the inventory and days survived. good to know even the fire kept working Smile
Awesome. Thanks for the info..

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