campfire bug
i dont think the topic has been answered, we KNOW its a bug, thats NOT what we're disputing, we're trying to determine, as a community, if its a minor enough bug to where we can KEEP it as a bug and 'ROLE PLAY!' that  we 'accidentally' dropped our item into the fire and it was unrecoverable.
So, if it only happens rarely, OR, when people leave an item on too long (i dont think is possible because i can run around the whole map while cooking meat or water and it STAYS on the fire until i personally remove my cooked items, even after i have to 'repair' my camp fire
and also, what was the specific time frame of things disappearing on his fire?
10-20secs it MAY disappear 

"Broken code needs to be fixed later it can be added a's a feature"
i just think that some bugs may be able to be embraced as a feature of the game, and dont always need to be repaired on chaozz' end, unless of course it affects other parts of the game
That's the thing as time goes on the coding is gonna get more and more complex why keep broken code instead of repairina it and adding in a feature?

Isee a lot of Mc examples so here's another one

Creepers were born from a bug (yes everyone knows that) but they didn't just let it be they fixed what was broken and then added the creepers as a feature and it turned out 10 times better

My point is in the future we may see it again as a feature and it might work better
I'll use a bug from the Civilization series. Gandhi would go from peaceful to nuking the crap out of you. This was a huge bug in the code, they fixed the bug and then added the feature to Gandhi to keep him that way.

A bug is a bug and needs to be fixed. You might think it's cool and it can be, but a bug can crash a game or affect other parts of it as well. For all you know the disappearing items from the campfire also causes players to crash or the player dup glitch.

A bug needs to be fixed. Sometimes they are neat enough to be later added as a feature, but regardless it needs to be fixed. If I build a fire and cook on it, there isn't really a chance I'll lose a whole metal canteen in the fire or that one boils away and the others are fine. Feel free to discuss if there should be an actual feature for things "burning" in the fire and you get nothing, but bugs aren't features, they are broken bits of code that need fixing. Features can be added based off the broken code, but it needs fixing either way.

Hopefully I got the message across lol. I think a "burning" feature would be really cool and teach people not to put things on the fire before a day of looting because there won't be anything when you get back except empty canteens.
req close, addressed
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