Harassment in game - thoughts
Harassment in game, chat, or forums(game and forums have separate bans)
Targeting and hunting a single player (killing other players doesn't mean it isn't harassment) and following them wherever they go just to kill them. Killing them 50 times because they are near your base is not harassment, hunting and killing them multiple times after they stop attacking your base can be considered harassment. There is no "X days of killing them" or "X amounts of kills" for it to be harassment, it is based on admin judgement. If it's clear that you're targeting a player then you can be banned (doesn't matter why you're targeting them, if it's because they broke a rule first then report it and don't get yourself banned).
Changing servers to follow and kill someone is clear targeting and harassment.

Since PvP is an element of the game. I do not think killing someone in-game should be considered harassment under any circumstance. 

The map is big enough if you want to avoid confrontation you can. KC had a giant target on his back when he was rocking the hell out of the top 10. I personally know of at least half a dozen people who said they were hunting him. How many actually killed him? 0?

To me this rule seems to be encouraging players to cry harassment every time they get pissed off someone killed them. It is just another thing people are going to use to try to get each other banned. SAD!

The example itself is so weird, and vague. Really the admins could ban anyone for killing another player. Since it is based on admin judgement. Very sad!
Nobody has been banned without reasonable proof

For instance if you kill me 50 times and hunt me all over the map and then I go to us2 and u follow me and kill me 50 times there then that would be considered harassment 

PvP is an aspect of the game but it shouldn't be abused 

Even popular games like call of duty have limits in PvP(no lethals first 10sec,no spawn killing,ect)
COD is pvp only, its an FPS u know, u cant compare, BUT ... i agree that the pvp shouldnt be abused in the means of killing newbies, or combine the killing with bullying using toxic language.
My point is if you don't want people to get killed turn off PvP. Who cares if I follow someone from server to server and kill them a bunch of times. Kudos to me for my tracking skills...... or maybe the person should learn to hide better? It is all part of the game.

Here is a gun! But play nice! It is ridiculous.
Imagine I'm new and have no clue what I'm doing 

You being an experienced player could probably find me or trick me into getting killed

Your able to kill me multiple times and I get discouraged and quit

That hurts the community and the game that player could have been the next tracker or Odin 2 very good players but he got drove away over someone harassing them

The rule isn't there for a simple "oh he killed me and I'm offended"

Things like harassing new players constantly killing them or following someone server to server

SSome people just wanna enjoy other aspects of the game and not PvP if your purposely going to kill them and they can never have a base that should be a kick and a ban if persistent
(03-12-2017, 06:56 AM)BlackPaladin Wrote: COD is pvp only, its an FPS u know, u cant compare, BUT ...

BRUH! we understand its not a fps like cod, thats not the point he was arguing, why do you always get into semantics with people like this, he was discussing an immune timer to prevent killing in certain places of the board and you have to hit him with this? seriously? i dont understand why this had to be brought up other than to be condescending
Wrecker try to stay on topic no need to start an argument
I'll work on clearing up the rule. The rule was made to stop players from ruining the game of other people. PvP is an aspect of the game, if you don't like it go play a different game, but targeting and making life hell for a single player for no other reason than because it makes you feel better about yourself is harassment.

Killing KC because he had a huge amount of days survived wasn't harassment. Once he was dead then you wouldn't have a reason to kill him. When Wrecker ran clem, people tried to kill him, that wasn't harassment.

Killing Wrecker because he went into clem isn't harassment, following him if he moved to the GV to live a peaceful life would be harassment. You might think, "But he killed me a ton and I want to pay him back" but you'll get banned for it if reported/caught because that is targeting and you just want to feel better about yourself and get revenge on someone who isn't doing anything anymore and tried to get away from people.

Keep in mind that rules are made because there has been a problem with them in the past, not because us admins are thinking of ways to make the game into a peaceful and gay world. We're trying to make everyone's experience fun, not just that one asshole who feels like ruining the game for everyone else.
If we really have so much problem, we can easily implement anti kill for newbies for first 3 days. But it should not ne implemented. Because:

1) The game says you can die anytime anywhere.
2) There is a surrender button
3) This is still an alpha and you will face many problems that will make you quit, dying 100 times is just 1 of them
Why is there an issue with this rule are you planning to hunt someone down? If it doesn't affect you then why is there an issue with it?

/reqclose/ Nothing more is gonna come from this except an argument

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