Harassment in game - thoughts
That being said. Can I go to Kc base and kill him like....10 times.? Plus, if I kill him while he opens his door and I go inside and destroy his SB.... Would that be harassment?
Just for ya'll, I've updated the example again.
But last night you said tracking and hunting was OK? Chaozz told u to change it or are you trying to protect Kc?

Sad why?

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Tracking and hunting are ok, just not across servers. I'm more just trying to get a simple, easy to fucking understand rule because dang ya'll like nit picking. There's ok PvP and there is crossing the line PvP.
The truth is... This rule is not easy to implement nor proven someone broke it. It's gonna be a hell for you trying to tell if someone is right or wrong without a proper video proof. But for all the effort you've done I'll try to "fucking" understand it as far as it's now. Thanks for putting some order in the game.
I think a screenshot of the player list and a screenshot of you being killed by the player in each server (min of 2 servers) being enough, but there would be more facts needed, such as how long has it been going on, who else can vouch for you, etc.

Is it an easy one to prove? Nope. Is it easy to prove real life harassment? Nope.
Yup. Best of luck.
(03-12-2017, 09:56 PM)Mohenjo Daro Wrote: Just for ya'll, I've updated the example again.

Much better as far as the example goes. I still do not agree with the rule though  Tongue
Yeah, there are plenty of people who don't agree, but until the admins decide to remove it, it's there. I'm glad it's at least more clear now.
Will Smith thought he should chime in since he has been busy in the real world.

There is a certain BR who i need not name but everyone knows who i am talking about; he has hunted me since day one and has claimed that he is friendly to everyone but Will Smith.
He has followed me from US1 to US2, and I have not complained once.
Would Will Smith like him banned? Heck yes but thats not real life.

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Will Smith suggests you just have to think to yourself "this virgin must have a really small penis" and carry on.

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