2.4 Bugs and Suggestions
New update, new features, everything new. but, there are new bugs too!!!! Or some new features for next version. So open thread, for these bugs and suggestions. Feel free to share. 

P.S I think the server and website is quite. I see no oe and no one posting new threads or replies. why? WHY? WHY?????
[*]removing an obstacle doesn't drop any logs. I think it should drop 5 logs when you destroy it.
[*]you can not remove a campfire
[*]run speed feels a bit slow at times
P.S I think the server and website is quite. I see no oe and no one posting new threads or replies. why? WHY? WHY?????

Im not playing atm and havent this version So i do not post. Theres very little in the way of drive within the game surviving just to survive seems alittle pointless even down to finding hideouts chaozz posted a pic of a hide out thats been there since the last 2.3 its not a real pushing idea to make people play
PS: i do log on to forum each day thou
Ok so that crash bug occured again. I checked the error file and output file. I will upload them in my website soon. but it was a access violation error (0xc0000005) i see in the error log.
Unity Player [version: Unity 4.6.4f1_99f88340878d]

Survius.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module Survius.exe at 0023:015361a5.

Error occurred at 2015-07-19_150920.
G:\Survivus\Survius.exe, run by Helal.
37% memory in use.
0 MB physical memory [0 MB free].
0 MB paging file [0 MB free].
0 MB user address space [3767 MB free].
Write to location 000000cc caused an access violation.

And i think some prob of code error in output file:

========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ==================

(0x015361A5) (Survius): (filename not available): Behaviour::Transfer<SafeBinaryRead> + 0x17a725
(0x045E3CF6) (Mono JIT code): (filename not available):  Updater:launchAndQuit () + 0x2e (045E3CC8 045E3CF8) [00F04E70 - Unity Root Domain] + 0x0
(0x045E3CB5) (Mono JIT code): (filename not available):  Updater:wb_DownloadFileCompleted (object,System.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs) + 0x25 (045E3C90 045E3CBA) [00F04E70 - Unity Root Domain] + 0x0
(0x045E3C86) (Mono JIT code): (filename not available):  System.Net.WebClient:OnDownloadFileCompleted (System.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs) + 0x2e (045E3C58 045E3C8F) [00F04E70 - Unity Root Domain] + 0x0
(0x045C939C) (Mono JIT code): (filename not available):  System.Net.WebClient:<DownloadFileAsync>m__D (object) + 0x17c (045C9220 045C94A3) [00F04E70 - Unity Root Domain] + 0x0
(0x045900BF) (Mono JIT code): (filename not available):  (wrapper runtime-invoke) object:runtime_invoke_void__this___object (object,intptr,intptr,intptr) + 0x47 (04590078 04590113) [00F04E70 - Unity Root Domain] + 0x0
(0x100F0542) (mono): (filename not available): mono_set_defaults + 0x22cb
(0x1005D7F4) (mono): (filename not available): mono_runtime_invoke + 0x51
(0x1005DC10) (mono): (filename not available): mono_runtime_delegate_invoke + 0x44
(0x1007DB0E) (mono): (filename not available): mono_thread_interruption_request_flag + 0x440
(0x1010B66C) (mono): (filename not available): mono_gc_max_generation + 0x2646
(0x752233CA) (kernel32): (filename not available): BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x12
(0x77539ED2) (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlInitializeExceptionChain + 0x63
(0x77539EA5) (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlInitializeExceptionChain + 0x36

========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========

**** Crash! ****

This is not the full file. just the error part.
It looks like Unity crashed there. What are the specification of your system? CPU, GPU, memory?
Manufacture: MSI
Processor: A10-7700K APU with radeon™ R7 Graphics 3.40 hz
RAM: 8 GB( 6.94 Gb usable)
system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1

This is all I know, if u want more tell me
Ok so the new version is filled with bugs. i got a lots of them. Besides there r some suggestions and tweaks too. Here r those:

1.See the screen shot. What if u give the inventory image same as the character used, not the default character.

2. When inventory is filled and u try to take something, it is written "Your Intentory is full". I think it should be inventory not inteNtory.

3. In the survival book. whatever u press left arrow or right arrow, it goes to the next page. how about left arrow for previous page and right arrow for next page?

4. If the chat window is open. it is difficult to read the last 2 lines of survival book or something like that. So how about a option of fading the chat window and poping up just when some said or written something?(i mean interaction= pop up chat window, else fade it in 5-8 seconds after interaction)

5. This is a story typed bug. read carefully:
     DarkCoder was going toward a house. A nice house with stair cases and a broken car infront of it. Though 2 zombies were guarding it. DarkCoder went close. The zombies made zombietical sound and started running towards DarkCoder. DarkCoder took the gun, BUT W8, he didn't shoot of thinking of possibility of a bug. He ran and ran and ran in circular. Then he jumped on the roof of the broken car. The zombies stopped near the car. DarkCoder jumped from the roof, but? the zombies froze in their positions. DarkCoder went very close to them, touched them, hit them with an axe 1 times. stlll nothing, then darkcoder was happy because  his fortune telling was right!. and then he killed the zombies.

I will give more soon

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1. yeah, the picture is just a placeholder for now
2. i don't understand. do you mean the capital I?
3. i'll fix that!
4. seems like a lot of hassle, but i could hide the chat window while you read the survival book
5. yes, bugs.. it's an alpha Smile
(07-21-2015, 11:49 AM)chaozz Wrote: 2. i don't understand. do you mean the capital I?

no. it will not be intentory, it will be inventory. not "t" it will be "v" at the 3rd letter. (Spelling mistake nothing so much Tongue)
i've encountered a couple of issues:

no sound
my axe doesn't harm zombies

i always have to run away if i want to survive
and the axe is the only weapon i have
started playing today, so i've yet to find others

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