Survival book
Thnx got it
i suggest make a page about the zombies.
That's a good idea.

How to avoid them, how to kill them, what they can drop, etc?
You can lure them into traps near doors
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In the game You will face Zombies.

The zombies keep standing in 1 location. They only Move when they see you. if they see you, they will run towards you and harm you. A zombie attack does 20-25 damage. The zombies also move toward you if they smell you. Running and trying to escape from zombies will make it hard to catch you. So You can try to run away or you can try to kill it.

1 bullet will kill the zombie. 2 hits of axe or melee weapon will also kill them. Beside  traps will kill them too.

The Zombies mostly stays outside of houses. But they also sometimes spawns here and there suddenly.

Killing zombies may sometimes drop Empty canteens, Folded tents, Matches etc. Some items  such as Matches only comes from the zombies.

(Post below if you have any questions or if you want to share something about zombies)

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I do not know what to say to this post because all you did is tell the obvious....
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And some other I got for survival book:
Food: You will be hungry as time passes. Solid foods like Cans of corns or other food supplies will reduce your hunger. Foods are found in houses or near habitable places like bridges or cars etc. There are different types of food like Chocolates, can of beans, can of corns etc.

Water: In the game you will also be thirsty as hungry. Drinking liquids will reduce your thirst. You will find different liquid substances like Soda,Cola etc in the game. Beside, if you fill an empty canteen (can be found killing the zombies) with water from river,lakes or shores, and then boil the canteen water in fire camp. Drinking dirty non boiled water is harmful for you.

(This is my idea and i recommend some changes):
Trading: While there are players in the server, You can trade different food stuffs, water or guns/clips/tents etc from players. But if they do not give the stuffs, you can kill the player and get all his stuffs. Beside, if the player from whom you want the items surrenders, you will also get the items.

And chaozz, Did u add about weapons? if not i can give one.
Can you put the crafting in a book its starting to look messy in inventory. Just an idea
yeah, the current crafting "menu" is more of a quick and dirty fix than anything else. Adding it to the survial book might work. First page, crafting recepies?
That's what i was thinking. as long as it can be easily found. So to build house whats the idea 1st you have to build boxes to hold everything? i tried to make something yesterday and very quickly ran out of room in my inventory . Will their be stacking items one day or no ? cos all this wood gets a bit much and with the other trying to kill you as you chop.

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