New leadership to stop new players leaving
I was about to make a similar post. I believe if i am unbanned i will lose all my belongings which will cause me to quit because i only like helping and attracting ppl to stay on the game. I am constantly in process of helping someone or they are on their way to me for stuff and a troll kills them often repeatedly until the new player chooses to stop playing. I think it needs to be looked in to if you hope to have more longstanding players. Trolls get away with so much, mainly because most people want to play and actually get somewhere, and with such a small community having people like that in it will kill it off eventually.. Just my thoughts
Part of the price to pay when your banned

For the record you only lose what you were carrying
Ok thankyou. Also what happens when i get back on game if the ssme guy just sees me on and comes to my base to talk trash and pester me more and kill all the fresh spawns im trying to help? People like that are lessening the spread of this game. And its an amazing gane lemme tell u that!
Honestly, I'd just move the base (if it isn't that big). I've had to do it a number of times (hated it each time but it needed to be done). Rv just kills whoever seems to come near him, move to the GV and it won't be a problem.

If you do have a big base then pull out a 1911 and shoot him through a window.

If he keeps pestering you then get some screenshots and come to the admins with proof of rule breaking. Rules are posted here
Ok. Ya i have a huge base ALMOST done, soooo close been grinding it out hahard And i do sometimes fight back we have talked like we were cool and played war And i want him to enjoy the game being played how he likes too just like i said with such a small community the excessiveness of killing newbies (not just him im not singling him out on that topic) can be detrimental. And idk if ican say hes breaking the rules, hes just having fun but i just wish since there are so few we. Ould be just a little cooler to eachother. Sounds dumb coming from the guy who raged earlier though..
/reqclose/ I believe the issue has been addeseed of you need further support bilkko please open a new thread
Ugh i shouldnt have even thrown in the first part i just read it somewhere and wanted to know but everyone is just taking it wrong. Im justaddressing the same issue the post is about, helping new players stay interested. My bad if i took it somewhere else.

Man now i can just tell none of yall like me. Im over it.
Bilkko nobody has an issue with you here your free to open another thread there's no issue with that it's easier for us to reply to your issue directly if it's a thread solely based on your issue instead a general issue

Also, the thread has been addressed so it's been closed. As Flaming said, you can open your own thread. We don't have anything against you.

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