So this seems to be a "Thing" now
You mean my base lol
I have done some testing, but in 0.7.0 I am unable to place foundations on other peoples foundation, nor on houses in clemenster.
It's happened again, this time in the police station.

It's right in the middle of the hallway.  If a zombie was chasing you, you'd be done.

I totally get what you all are saying that if we required safes to be placed on a foundation that folks would just let the foundation decay out from under, but if a foundation can't be placed on the police station, or a bed in a house, or on others property, or right next to others property, then we wouldn't have to worry about the safes getting there anyway.  A foundation would be required to place the safe, not keep the safe.

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yeah, exactly like a wooden wall, ive tried placing walls on different surfaces, we need a solid piece of code like the walls or stairs, that applies for the safes, basically, the safe should be an extension of a foundation, just like the walls, and cannot be place anywhere else, also, you can avoid certain collisions by building on top of a persistant item like a gun clip or axe, maybe you should rework that code so it would read as if you were trying to lay a foundation over a beer can.... example, if i lay a beer can outside of the police station, that beer can becomes a foundation i can place crates or safes on, it becomes a buffer between the craftable item and the uncraftable ground, doesnt seem to work with foundations tho
This really need to be taken care of. I somehow got past the safe in police station, but now I can't get back. Can't jump over safe? Please, with things like this and random fps drops, game is unplayable. And I really like the idea for the game.
Update my clan built a bridge over the safe in us2 blocking the hallway in the police station

Enjoy it before someone tears it down
Um, thanks Flaming, but I forgot to mention that I'm on EU1 server. And still stuck. So sick of it, I can't bash shift, WASD and space anymore trying to get over it...

@Chaozz, maybe you can help me somehow?
sure, let me take a look. hang in there.

and for everyone demanding a fix. please stop acting like this is a full game, and you somehow paid for playing. it isn't. this is an experimental stage, things will be broken, things will bug out. this is exactly what an alpha is for. if you don't like bugs or broken gameplay, go play a more stable game.

if you're here to help shape the game, welcome to the community.
Nah, Chaozz man, I don't demand a fix, I realize it's an Alpha. All I was trying to say is that the idea is great, game looks good even though it's in alpha stage, not even beta. That's amazing. Just, we need something like command for suicide, or to get unstuck (maybe tp 1ft left/right?), or somehow destroy things that keeps us stuck. Don't mind me, I'm not programmer, just saying Smile I'm still in the police station, trying to find a solution to get out of it Big Grin And yes, I came on forums, not to be just ingame, but to help the game anyway I can.

@Chaozz, maybe it's a cheat, and if it is, forget that I asked this: Maybe you can somehow teleport me just over the safe? So I don't have to wait until I die from hunger or thirst? I'm the only one on server, otherwise I would have called someone to just kill me.
that almost sounds like a feature request, which is what is the "help shape the game" is about.

I removed the safe. relog to have it disappear for you as well.

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