Version 0.6.9
(02-25-2017, 10:24 PM)chaozz Wrote: It's up! Sorry, uploading took a bit longer than I thought.

downloading now ty chaozz your a legend
chaozz, seriously, where were u, its like you disappeared off the face of the earth
Its available now, run.
Its unbelievable.. Big Grin

Can somebody confirm inventories won't wipe? Big Grin
im concerned about what this means "user and clan ownership are now separated (UNTESTED!)"
it's a new mechanic that let's me set some items as CLAN ONLY but other things USER ONLY if we ever want that.
but for now everything is the same?
It was mainly aimed as safes, but you'll have to forgive me that I can not answer that right now. I am not behind my dev machine. So you all being the testers of the game, go test. Smile
First bug i think- don't show in right bottom corner what player equip
Game is mad crashing on us2

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