Chat colour & Airdrops!
When a player enters the game, I would find it most helpful if their arrival was drawn to my attention by their name being a colour OTHER than red, in the chat window.
As it stands, now, if there's a lot of (white) chat filling the window, a player's arrival IS noticeable [being a splash of colour (red)] - BUT - if no-one's chatting, and the window fills up with red notifications (players joining, players leaving etc), I often don't notice a player's arrival for some time. I BELIEVE, if a player's arrival was written in blue, for example, it would catch my eye much sooner!

also - 

Has it ever been proposed that the AirDrops contain more of the things that newbies are desperate to find? As it stands, the crates will have 2 - 4 metal, crossbows and arrows and clean water. 

How about, instead: 1 - 2 metal, 1 crossbow at the most, 1 - 2 arrows, 2 - 3 clean water, 1 - 3 food and 1 - 2 gun clips? 
[Personally, I've never found any difficulty in finding pistols (since I travel inland), but I think it can be hard for newbies to find enough gun clips.]
Maybe antibiotics, bandages and herbal medicine might also more randomly appear in AirDrop crates, although I would hate for the other items I've mentioned to be omitted.

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