Base Building Improvement
So the key idea here is reusing the current working building system to make a base , and be able to upgrade your base to different levels, each level means different decay time and a different texture.

- Wooden base: made from wooden logs, the reason is so that new players can get started base building as early as they can, it will be an addition to the beginner's gameplay, a protection and eventually a spawn location for them. A wooden base could have a decay of 3 days.

- Plank/Timber base: By upgrading your wooden base with planks, you increase the strength of your base, so for example a decay of 6 days. 

- Stone base: By upgrading your Plank base with stone. decay could be of 9 days.

- Metal base: By upgrading your stone base with metal. decay could be of 12 days.

[Image: dDfJRot.jpg]

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