Looting system suggestion
Few issues with the current loot spawning:
- People will login to an empty server and find key places totally empty. Mainly new players. 
- The host player has to be connected in order for loot spawning to happen.
- In other places loot piles up ridiculously.

My suggestion is the following:

If  we could have an invisible trigger object in places like wardrobes, counters, car, fridges and other furniture. You walk up to any of these furniture and you get a "Press action button to search" and it opens up the content like a crate.

Every invisible trigger object is stored in the database, its state is stored, that is:
a last time looted timestamp and the items it contains.

Basically works like a crate, it keeps tracks of the content it has but also keeps track of the last time it was looted (When its content changed). 

So now, only when a player triggers it, the invisible trigger object will fetch its state from the db, its content and the last time it was looted. Say we want a player to be able to loot the invisible trigger object every 2 hours. So upon triggering it:
Check if it was looted 2 hours ago ? if no, will simply show its stored content, if yes, it will override itself and generate new content. overriding is simply to avoid piling up loot.

Generating new loot is simply randomly picking from built-in collections of items in the game client. You could have preset collections of items in the game client. Eg:
Collection1 : Can of corn, chocolate bar, Drink..
Collection2: Pistol, spiked bat, ammo...
Collection3: bandage, med, ...

Each invisible trigger object will be associated to one or more of these collections depending on its location.

So basically, you can think of it as having invisible boxes in cars and other house furniture that you can "search" (similiar to opening a box) and that will open the interface and show its content. Only difference is the content of these invisible boxes's logic.
The logic would be for example: after being triggered, check the last time it was looted, if it was never looted, generate new items, if it was looted and there is a timestamp, check if it was looted longer than 2 hours ago, if yes then override its content and generate new items, if no just simply fetch the available content. Update its new state after being closed and saves it to the db.

Hopefully this can be more optimal than the current spawning system, and guarantees to find new loot ON-DEMAND.

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