I need your help for a new video
I'd like to expand Chaozz's instructions a bit, make sure to follow all of these to increase your chance to be highlighted in the trailer.
  • As Chaozz said, best graphics your computer can handle, generally speaking at least Simple settings must/should be used, because that's the only one from which the ingame shadows are rendered (which are super slick and cool)
  • Record using a good recorder, one which doesn't leave watermarks or resize the resolution
  • Speaking of resolution, it's a good idea to maintain 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Make sure you DO NOT accidentally/somehow feature any current ingame bugs, which are yet to be fixed, because that'd be awkward Tongue
  • You can film anything you want, clan activities, deer hunting, zombie killing, PvP, Surrender mode etc. etc.
  • If you choose to record the ingame scenery, you can press I to hide the HUD for a better view, it's not required but your choice, it's also a good idea to hide the chat if it contains potential *unfriendly* chat
We are also planning a server meetup soon, which will be good for the trailer shots and also huge fun when a lot of players join together, Join the discord channel and keep an eye out there for updates regarding that.

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