Tribute to the Legendary Collector
After i heard that you won't be able to be active in-game anymore, i knew that Survius will never be the same so i made this thread as a tribute to the best friend and the worst enemy i have ever met in this game.

The_Collector has been a great inspiration to me with his outstanding PvP skills and his respectable personality, he's the one who schooled me to the Crossbow the ultimate weapon in the game and allowed me to discover it's true powers that made me a good PvP fighter and a feared opponent.

I still remember the day when i danced like a fool in my room yelling "I KILLED THE COLLECTOR!" after i managed to take him down when he was out of ammo.. Never met a worthy opponent or a good friend after him.

He was my mentor and a good influence on me, we raided many bases together and made our enemies run back to their bases hiding when we log in. It was The_Collector and I against the world, however, The_Collector was enough for the job.

Sometimes i blame my luck for not joining the game earlier cause i missed to play with many great players and respectable hunters but, i scratch that as soon as i remember that i have fought with a Legend and played in the era of The_Collector.

Last thing The_Collector said to me was "Kill them for me", now, I am and I will keep harvesting the souls of the cowards and collect their tears in your name and I will make sure that The Sound of Survius stays loud and terrifying to all those who didn't deserve to play in your presence.


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