Official Discord Channel
Finally we have our official discord channel! Yes! Now we can voice chat while playing.

This is the step by step tutorial for discord and also contains the rules and regulations of our discord chat. If you break the rules, there might be chances of you getting banned. So read them carefully. Ask moderators if you are in confusion.

How to install Discord?
Check this video -->here<-- first and install discord

How to join the Discord Channel?

Press the "Add channel button" (Plus sign) and click on "Join a server". Then it will ask for a code, put this link in the code:

[Image: e745d97adc9c4cf7a6f06968f8bf8743.png]

[Image: df0516fd77234abcad20348a0cc9094c.png]

[Image: c470cae198f84194bb408fd6c7e006fd.png]

I cannot join any channels!\

When you join the channel, a bot will send a few messages to your Direct Message channel. Answer the questions correctly to please to bot and gain your access!

Although it doesnt work for donator roles yet, will implement that later. Message me if you have any problems.
And make sure you DM the bot, not message in any server channel, otherwise, your email might be exposed.

Rules and regulations

There are some rules of the chat. If you fail to abide by them, you might get banned.

1) Be gentle and friendly. 
2) Be modest
3) No sexual/drug reference
4) Always watch your language. Be as clean as you can.
5) Do whatever a moderator asks you to do.
6) Racism/harassment may result ban from game.
7) Do not spam
8) Do not advertise
9) Do not impersonate any player/moderator.

We have an ingame bot, That bot is always watching you and your language and it is able to kick you anytime if you don't listen to it. So try to abide by the rules.

Additional info:

1) Make sure you have a good mic
2) Make sure you are not annoying anyone with unnecessary noise. So try to enable push_to_talk (Search in google)

Hope all of this be fun to you. I am interested to see how the game would look like with voice chat.
Excellent tutorial.   We used this channel to organize our US1 Photo shoot, and it was downright AWESOME..being able to NOT have to stop and "lock-up" your character while talking was a game changer.  Plus it was great to hear the voices of the folks i've been playing with for so long.  Chaozz sounds like Barry White....deeeeeeeep voice..

Get over there and join this channel, it's pretty awesome..

Oh and hit Chaozz up on paypal and drop him a fiver for all he does, it'll get you some rad custom options for ingame t-shirts.

I can concur, Push-to-talk (PTT) should be used, especially if you're using the builtin speakers and mic.
Awesome Coder !
7, seven, sedam, syv, zeven, he't, septum, siedem, sete, sju, 0111, 0x7, --...

Thats how many folks have signed up and joined the Voice Chat channel over at discord.  We've asked and asked, and while this isn't implemented INGAME, for various reason, it it is a solution, and it works well i might add.  The best part, is that since it's not ingame, through Survius, it doesn't contribute to the "lagginess" of the game when you get host.

I have to say this isn't very promising folks, Dark Coder worked pretty hard setting this all up for us, cause WE asked for it, now no one but 4 admins and a few players are using it.  What's this tell Chaozz about other things we want in the game, "Yeah that'd be cool, take the time and money to implement, but we won't use it"  

It'll run in a browser too, so no need to install anything...just go create an account and log in...
Discord no longer works on my computer and I can not uninstall it to reinstall. What do I need to do to fix this?

NVM..I figured it out... Tongue
Going to instal.. so no one gonna tells more that i'm totofsm...

went to town and bought a headset... I'd send you join request.. I'm online on lobby but cant enter chat rooms..
ty for add me. W8ing for other players to join.
I'm on just now.
The verification process is changed, check it in discord channel or in the post above

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