always grateful
I like to be hated by disrespectful and liar players who can't play and take it personally.

I was always a player who understands the game and always accepted to be killed by my enemies because for me (it's just a game)
and the fun and friendship is above all when I click 2x on survius.axe.

I like to be the hunter and do not mind being the "hunt" too, by the way, running reminds me of how much I already ran and ran from the old "sharks" who were the best enemies I ever had on the island survius ha ha .. I will never forget them and the fun they gave me at the time I started playing this game.

jhunnyor will always be a source of good things and bad things, but no one will ever see a malicious player. he helped, killed, died, built strategic bases and destroyed many as well ... when I came in using another nick, I always saw other players asking or talking to each other about "jhunnyor". those who hated him would fusilate with words but those he had already helped even called "father" lol ....

I believe everyone already knows him or at least heard, few could achieve his respect, but those who have earned it, will be remembered forever ...

the survius. It's a good game and I hope the old and new players never abandon ...

I leave here my hug to all and my thanks to all the team that works and worked here ...

miss the sharks

by: jhunnyor the noob

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