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Design a t-shirt - chaozz - 03-02-2015

In Survius you have the option to choose a t-shirt for your character. I am a programmer, not a designer. So I am asking you to help me design some cool looking t-shirts that I can add to the game.

Your design might be added to the game!

Attached to this post you find the three t-shirts that came with the model, which you can use as a template. I have also included the two t-shirts I created to test the clothing feature. I'm sure you can do better.

By sending me a design, you acknowledge to:
  • be the owner of that design (no copy / pasting from google images please).
  • give me full permission to use your design in my game.
  • sending me a degisn is no guarantee it will get added to the game.
Please post your designs here in this thread.

RE: Design a t-shirt - CODGameplaysHTW - 03-12-2015

Hello Chaozz
Can I Use your t shirt designs but edit them

RE: Design a t-shirt - chaozz - 03-12-2015

Yes, that is the idea. You download the ZIP file here and edit them to make your own.

RE: Design a t-shirt - CODGameplaysHTW - 03-14-2015

Thanks!  Big Grin


RE: Design a t-shirt - woutervoorschot - 03-26-2015
I made a outfit in brown/black/green with dirt and text on the t-shirt. In the psd file the text is still editable/removable.

RE: Design a t-shirt - chaozz - 03-26-2015

Wow Wouter, that looks amazing! Hope you have some more lined up Smile

RE: Design a t-shirt - chaozz - 03-26-2015

Here is how your outfit looks on a player in game.

RE: Design a t-shirt - kirsin - 03-27-2015

RE: Design a t-shirt - TopicsLP - 04-10-2015

Can we design trousers ? can you give us a file to make own trousers ?

RE: Design a t-shirt - wazbat - 08-24-2015

Sounds good, I'd love to contribute, but I suck ass at editing textures.

If you want some abstract designs, can be used to make some nice looking ones