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RE: Version 0.5.10 - DarkCoder - 11-14-2016

:O :O :O nailed it chaozz

RE: Version 0.5.10 - Unda - 11-15-2016

(11-14-2016, 10:03 AM)IronyWynter Wrote: So far this game legitimately sucks. No civilization, no food, no weapon other than an axe which gets you killed, nothing but flat expanse of nothing. It blows, it really does. Just how hard are these people actually working on the game?

Your research skill and patience sucks, but dont get it personal and get better. You probably missed M key with map where you can check "paper" map with coordinates and civilization, black dots are houses and grey ones are markets (inside you can find loot respawning spots), hunter huts (there you can find xbows, machete, metal, arrows, traps) need to be discovered by you as thats also part of the game. You can kill zombies easily (with spiked bat it take less hits to kill than with axe), also if you dont want risk you need to figure out how to do it safe, for example from top of ruined car or with ranged weapons. Zombies can drop different useful things but hit like a tank in exchange.

You can get better game experience also by reading forum threads with guide or tips (im surprised you didnt discovered that yet as some are pinned already there).

Im sure you missed that you play Alpha release so you can expect game can still change by a lot.

RE: Version 0.5.10 - Unknown - 11-18-2016

Hello Developers & Administrators, I downloaded the game yesterday and i really enjoyed it, But there are few issues i faced on game. 

1- While walking or run game keep lagging and it wont go away til u quit to servers and enter again 
2- While opening or approaching a door game freeze and lag 
3- Even in low quality graphics which my laptop have best requirements to run higher games than this one game lags and freeze with the issues i mention above.
4- (Suggestion) it would be the best to make HP,Thirsty,Sickness bars to know when u need to eat,drink,use medicals. 
5-(Suggestion) Add more recipes it will be more interesting to explore and gather around and try to expand more the world. 
6-(Suggestion) Also make map to see where is your current location also a screen compass or map while running will be the best. 

Thanks hope this issues & suggestion will help on your developing and making this a quiet better survival game. 

Best Regards, Unknown.

RE: Version 0.5.10 - DarkCoder - 11-18-2016

Thank you for your suggestion.

1) Run is fast/fastest graphics or join a crowded server

2) Yes that is a known issue and probably fixed in next update.

3)As said before, its probably internet issues, join crowded server

4) There were bars/statd before 2 updates but its later removed to make the game more realistic

5)Its an alpha game and we lack of funds too. 

6)The map is a "map" and not a "gps". And my guess is that you cannot find gps in an abandoned island

Thank you for your suggestions. enjoy the game

RE: Version 0.5.10 - Mohenjo Daro - 11-18-2016

If no one is on the server you're on then the lag and freezing is because you're the host computer and your computer has to load all the items and doors.

RE: Version 0.5.10 - leandrodreamer - 11-19-2016

hello. For the next update they could fix the fact that the character is hurt by running downhill (almost regardless of inclination), also double doors would be fine,

Advice: add more items, even unnecessary (unhurried) Big Grin

And the linux bug, (it's very important to me since I'm ubuntu user)

I think it would be better to find or crate (using metals, magnets, water, etc.) a compass

RE: Version 0.5.10 - Mohenjo Daro - 11-19-2016

I'll agree that fall damage could be tweaked, like if you fall 2 stories at once, you take less damage than if you fall 1 story twice.

More items won't be added for awhile since it takes money but it also makes it harder to trouble shoot issues and they cause more glitches.

Maybe if batteries are added we could make electromagnets for a compass, you never know.

RE: Version 0.5.10 - Unknown - 11-21-2016

Mohenjo i am having a issue when server has more than 7 people on i cant join and game stuck only loading and loading abject how to fix this he game data doesnt even have a cache file to clear so may it fix fellow issues i want to play and i cant :"( 

RE: Version 0.5.10 - Mohenjo Daro - 11-21-2016

You might just have to wait longer for the game to load since your computer has to load 7 players and a lot of objects. Otherwise, I'm not sure, sorry that I can't be of more help.

RE: Version 0.5.10 - naji88 - 11-22-2016

(11-21-2016, 08:18 PM)Unknown Wrote: Mohenjo i am having a issue when server has more than 7 people on i cant join and game stuck only loading and loading abject how to fix this he game data doesnt even have a cache file to clear so may it fix fellow issues i want to play and i cant :"( 

That's weird, cause I have joined servers with 11 players on before, and had no problems. Maybe your internet connection was slow?