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Big Sad - OcGuy1 - 02-18-2019

RIP Opportunity the wanderer of Mars you'll always be remembered.
Covered in the martian dust your task is now over.


RE: Big Sad - chaozz - 02-19-2019

Did you draw that yourself? Very cool!

RE: Big Sad - OcGuy1 - 02-19-2019

(02-19-2019, 09:37 AM)chaozz Wrote: Did you draw that yourself? Very cool!

yeah, thank you bro  Smile

RE: Big Sad - zIpPeDy - 02-20-2019

A beautiful drawing.
Isn't it amazing how one can get a lump in one's throat over a machine! I 'd guess besides the anthropomorphizing (which is something I do all the time) it's because, to me, Opportunity represented this entire planet reaching out TOGETHER for exploration and discovery...

RE: Big Sad - WhiteWolf - 02-20-2019

Nicely put Zip, and a very nice drawing OcGuy1.

RE: Big Sad - kirsin - 02-24-2019