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FISTING? - Wrecktem_Recker - 09-30-2017

who wants to get it on with a good ol fashioned FISTING? mono a mono fisticuffs to the death

RE: FISTING? - DarkCoder - 09-30-2017

wb wrektem... i missed u Tongue

RE: FISTING? - WhiteWolf - 09-30-2017


RE: FISTING? - Mohenjo Daro - 09-30-2017

Good ol' Wrecker and his fisting fetish Wink

RE: FISTING? - kczak - 09-30-2017

Holy Crap!!!, I was just talking about you in a PM to Whitewolf...what a coincidence.  

What ya been up to man?

Who remembers this???  The good ol days

[Image: attachment.php?aid=217]

RE: FISTING? - Wrecktem_Recker - 10-01-2017

whats up, felt like a good weekend to get on here, seen some new textures in the game, and less loot, still no other plantables tho, kinda makes me sad since thats mostly copying and pasting the tomato source code and renaming it to something else, overall its gettin better though

RE: FISTING? - AbbaddoN33 - 10-01-2017

darkcoder: i will die...
katinka: anyone have a drink?
rektem: no, how do we look?


RE: FISTING? - WhiteWolf - 10-01-2017

LOL... To the good times....... Tongue

RE: FISTING? - DarkCoder - 10-01-2017

ow man xD made me nostalagic again... i think theres another image where wrektem was in surrender mode and chaozz the legend was looting him?

ah there you go. found it.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=202]

RE: FISTING? - WhiteWolf - 10-01-2017