New game ideas

so I have some ideas

1 Let us build a base like a house fence more traps roofs

2 How about biger backpacks so we can carry more stuffs

3 More towns maybe a new map like random generated with a lot of stuffs and zombies

4 Diffrent weapons..a damage sistem on the weapons if its red you need to fix it or its goona brake

5 How about a pet like a small dog you found in the wild or a wolf you give it meat and he becomes your budy

6 How about some know like one town has 2-3 survaivals but are can help them rebuild or find someone and they can give you some weapons some food or water like 1-2 quests 

7 A bike or a car something to help me move a little faster or maybe give me the possibility to craft a bike or something

8 The zombies are just a few add more zombies all the time is just lonly  i see a zombie after 20 minutes of playing...its just woow...a zombie finaly,i mean the respawn time of them to be smaller like every 5 minutes.

9.A better map. I mean when you look at it to be able to see where are you located.

10. And to add some fun to the game,when you drink alcohol, drinking to much to make you need to pee,and to actualy be able to pee.

11. And a seaseon changing sistem like summer,auntum, winter,spring
a good idea would be to have a map with major cities, I know that the issue is survival more has a lot of green area and mountains and the map does not gives you the right location just we got lost in the mountains or die from walking headquarters, should have more cities like shopping abandoned building markets etc ...
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All of these seem like pretty valid ideas. I could only imagine what chaozz is working on, however I am sure it involves those! Well.... except #10 Tongue
all valid points! i'll do my best. Smile

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