Sick of this shit
Ok.. Alright..
So, basically, I'm the freaking devil in man's shape in y'all's eyes, huh? And even in the middle of these hard times the game's going through, 90% of the talk in the game chat and even on forums is nothing but shit about me nonetheless. How marvelous!

You claim that I'm nothing but a hacker, supported by all the admin team who are my friends? Wow, do you even know how so fucked up that'd be? It's just too fucked up to be credible!

So, let me tell you the actual truth, my N00B friends. Almost if not ALL of the admin team wants NOTHING so bad but to see that ban hammer falling on my ass and see me framed and humiliated in front of every single one of you! Not only because I've pissed most of them already, but also cause I've been the most controversial player for over a year and counting! But, they CAN NOT! Know why? Plain and simple. It's cause I AM LEGIT and I double dare each and every single one of you to come up with a SINGLE screenshot to support any of your blind claims against me and I don't/didn't get punished for it!

But, rest assured, N00BS. I well god damn know that what I said above isn't giving you 1 second's worth of the ass massage you've forever wanted. So, let me tell you more about my relation with the admins including Chaozz himself since my first few weeks in the game.

I've briefly mentioned earlier in my "Corruption" thread that I've been working with Chaozz and the admin team to diagnose and patch possible bugs and hack methods to improve the anti-cheat! I've built confidence with some admins and Chaozz himself through my cooperation, HOWEVER, that did NOT save me why I made a mistake and I got punished as any one else would as you can see in the same "Corruption" thread!

So, basically, by the very time you and sissy were crying over a couple tomatoes not dropping seeds after harvesting them, I was constantly unofficially reporting vital game breaking bugs and hacks like Item Duping, Teleportation and MANY more under the supervision of Chaozz and the admin team and we've successfully fixed them thanks to nasty Manhattan after Chaozz and the admins.

Though, for a long time I had such powers to easily destroy every single base in game, YET not a single one specially my sworn enemies woke up one day to see their base destroyed without a legit explanation of how it happened, actually, during that time, all you've been crying so bad about was my legal PvP techniques like fast fire until Chaozz finally answered your whiny asses by nerfing that and guess what?! I kept kicking the CRAP out of your asses left and right in the very hearts of you own bases still! Funny, eh?

Now, I hope you zombies understand that it had NOTHING to do with illegal shit.
It's all about skill and knowledge. Something you N00BS know very little about.

What else? You say that my attitude in game disgusts you? You know what's more disgusting than a trash talker? It's someone who's supposed to be your friend and literally kissing ass in front of you then curses your seventh grandfather as soon as your turn your back! I've always been honest and straight as my arrows with every single person of you even if I'd get banned for it and all my "trash talk" in the game IS and stays a part of the game for the sake of competition nothing more.

What? The new players don't like it? Well, they can get F@#Ked cause I don't remember any of you serving me a milkshake when I first started either! In fact, I've been cursed, camped, farmed, raided, betrayed and literally humiliated in my early few days in the game when all I wanted was to plant some freaking tomatoes, however, I didn't cry or quit, I switched to my crossbow and accepted it and the rest is history. So blame Karma! Or Welcome to Survius.

And If any of you thinks that I'm the one responsible for the game's current unfortunate state, then, as I said earlier, If one player can kill a whole game including its community, then the game has been failing since day one so, blame yourselves for wasting your time in it if you think so but not me!

Anyway, I've never intended to go this deep in a game and react that emotionally to it, but this game really touched me through the different people I met and dealt with and the epic drama and action I had to go through and I learned many things in my experience here that'd be useful in my real life. More like a social experience, basically.

Finally, I hope you excuse my language in this post. I really got sick of how people curse and blame me and my belly can only bear so much.

Plenty of language to go around there XD but it's well warranted.

I still don't get why players think you're friends with the admin team. There were a few who were your friend, sure, but there were a few who were gunning to get you banned as well. Fun fact: you were banned. You were later unbanned because of a lack of communication in the admin team, and we screwed up.

As for you killing whoever you see: it might not be very nice, but welcome to Survius. It really is a "get gud" type of game.
no one can shoot 5 arrows in 1 second so u cheat thats all
(07-05-2019, 12:53 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: ninguém pode atirar 5 flechas em 1 segundo, então você trapaceia isso é tudo

....  qualquer jogador, novo ou velho, pode atirar 5 flechas em 1 segundo ... na verdade ... poderia, certo? ... no "sobrevivente" ou você evolui ou desiste ...
Shooting 5 arrows in a second was normal until a few updates ago. Chaozz know about the mechanic that allowed players to do it long before those mechanics were changed.

If you have a recording of Manhattan doing it in the latest updates, then that's something worth reporting, because he's either found a bug I don't know about or a hack, but I haven't heard about him shooting 5 arrows a second for a long time.
I'm no more friends with anyone in the game than anyone else and don't give anyone special treatment. I'll ban anybody for cheating, the problem is nobody can be banned without evidence. I've collected the evidence against multiple people after players reported them, but I tell everyone it's much easier if you can collect some evidence yourself, preferably video evidence, of the suspected cheat because admins can't be everywhere at all times and players who know we suspect them will avoid us. I also rarely see *actual* reports of people cheating, so not only are we expected to catch every accused cheater, but we're usually expected to do it without even being told about any specific incidents of cheating. 

Every admin is a volunteer. This isn't our job and we don't get paid for it, but some of us put a lot of time into trying to help improve the game. If you're having problems with bugs, cheats, or anything else the very least you can do is let us know about it, because in the alpha version of the game you're a tester too and part of that testing and why the game is free is an expectation that players will report bugs, exploits and things to improve rather than saying nothing about it until deciding to rant on the forums about things they never told us about when they happened.
oh??? why is there an anti cheat stuff????
(07-05-2019, 09:31 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: oh??? why is there an anti cheat stuff????

Are you asking why the game has an anti-cheat program?
yes. its not working
What is it not working against? Being vague doesn't help anyone.

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