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Hey everyone.

Now you can check how your T-Shirt and Backpack designs fit in the Survius character with this new tool:

Survius Skin Preview App v1.1

You can load a local texture file, or insert it from an URL. Just make sure it's .jpg or .png and share how cool it looks with everyone here!

So get the templates and start doing the shirt or bag you always wanted to wear! Maybe we get a few new ones in the new update!

- Shirt template: Design a t-shirt
- Bag template:  Backpack Design

The app should be quite intuitive, but if you find any problems just post them here.

For example, you can try these two link's I have uploaded to ImgBB. Just copy the URL ending in .jpg and paste it in the "Enter URL" field.

Rastafari backpack:

[Image: Rastafari-backpack.jpg]

Gangster shirt:

[Image: Gangster-Shirt.jpg]

This is the first fully working version 1.1, but there's plan to include many more features if there is interest in this:
 - Add a "Catalog" where you can submit your design and we can all see and vote them.
 - Add more game objects, so we can also customize them (like the hats, gun, etc.)

Any other suggestions welcome. Enjoy!
This is awesome!!
anyone will can customize his character?
This is for premium players only?
anyone can customize the character in this app. but won't see it in-game

for starter, the idea is: people makes cool designs, tries them here and share them. We all see them how they exactly fit and put them forward to be added to the game Big Grin

we can make this more and more complicated and maybe directly connected to the game in the future (this is just a spin-off app)
I absolutely love this idea! Congrats to anyone who worked on this app because it look totally amazing and it's working beautifully. I must say that I have a really painful connection and it took me some ages to open it. Maybe it could be reduce to a minimum by removing the effect of the grass and also removing the music (but that's really beautiful!) and I don't even know if this could reduce the time it takes to open the app on a slow connection but once it loaded it opens instantly every time.

I am absolutely not really good to do graphic designers because my work it's totally different from it, so I can't own any graphics by myself but I still like to try out the app and had some fun with it! 

So I have downloaded some cool textures on which they say that I am allowed to use their materials to create my own free or commercial video game for PC, for consoles, or mobile devices. This is also allowed for materials I have downloaded with a Free account (which is what I am doing). Also they say that it does not matter how the game is distributed or sold (for example through direct sales, Steam, the Apple Store or Google Play). When using the materials in my own computer game, I do not need to mention their website as the source of the materials. 

So I had some fun on creating a camo backpack which I'd absolutely love to have. Please if you consider all of this wrong or if I violated some kind of privacy I'll delete this message because I just liked to have some fun with this app and still would like to say congrats for this amazing job.
hey really glad you like it and sorry for the loading time. I was actually thinking in adding more quality to it xD but given your feedback I'll reconsider it.

Anyway, once it's loaded, most basic things are stored in the browser cache, so it loads tonnes faster next time. The whole thing is about 15MB.

You can use any free textures you find, there are a plenty of sites that provide them, just make sure you read the terms of use, like it seems you've done. Everything that makes up the app comes from free sources as well, so keep sharing your bits so we can all grow together!

And your cammo texture is much better than the one I did back in the day.. I've quickly put it on top of the backpack texture and this is how it looks (you can also paste the URL below in the app to check it by yourself):
Please you are welcome and nevermind about the loading time. After it get loaded it's very nice on seeing the animation of the grass and hearing the music which I find it very addictive. I am really enjoying using the app which I'd like to share more idea later, I hope one day there would be a chance on customize the hat and glasses too. Smile

It would be cool if there would be a chance of editing the character skin too so maybe to have a sort of mask or face painting?

I have seen your camo texture which is looking very beautiful combined with the one I provided, I really like how the backpack looks now. Later I find out that I can zoom in/out by scrolling the mouse, that's great thing. Smile

I was try to apply the camo texture as the way you have done it which fit perfectly with the model but I wasn't really able to do it.
you need to select the "backpack" model from the first dropdown box.

then, where it says "or Enter URL...", paste this link:

and press enter
Yeah I got that working very fine. I meant to say I wasn't able to apply the camo texture I find as the way you have done it in this picture, it's a bit hard to replicate.
oh you need some image editing software like Photoshop. You can also use GIMP which is free.

I added the backpack texture here as a template:

if you open that in GIMP it will appear splitted in layers, so you can customize different parts.

check this thread which is specific for backpack design

if you want any of those bags, or the cammo one, as a template, I can send you the .psd file so you can see how it works
That's amazing! A template splitted in different layers it's just what needed, thanks a lot. I really like all the backpack textures that you have done in the link, expecially the christmas one, I'll try to see if I can come up with something nice too. Please I would be interested to see how you have done the cammo one.

EDIT: There's a template splitted in different layers for cloths too? The one provided in the link are .tga which I can open with GIMP but they haven't different layers.
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