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Full Version: where are you all
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Everyone knows that all servers belong to Brazilians... We're waiting for you to come and bring us fun ... we just want to destroy your homes and plunder your lives. go go
all the servers??? im on eu1
(09-02-2019, 09:27 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: [ -> ]todos os servidores ??? estou na eu1

exatamente ... todos os servidores são nossos ...
All servers belong to the Brazilians till I double click on Survius.exe Wink
(09-03-2019, 01:57 AM)Manhattan Wrote: [ -> ]Todos os servidores pertencem aos brasileiros até eu clicar duas vezes no Survius.exeWink

Brother... você não pode imaginar o quanto eu sinto falta das nossas batalhas ha ha ... você nunca me matou lol
lol im all days playing never see a brazilian Smile
[quote='zimmi1010' pid='22077' dateline='1567510611']
lol estou todos os dias jogando nunca vejo um brasileiroSmile
i'm also playing everyday but i don't see gringos lol ... i understand. the gringos are afraid of the brazukas
english plz. ik kan ook in het nederlands praten zenne