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Full Version: Backpack Design
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So I've taken kirsin's Survius guy and played around with the backpack texture. It's very tricky but maybe we can add more customization to the game editing this, just like with the T-Shirts

I've dropped a photoshop file in the link below that you can use as a template to create your designs.

My first attempt is a Christmas backpack, hoping to have the Christmas theme update again this year (chaozz?? Tongue)

And this is how it's looking (decorations from Freepik)

Also, a simple one is a cammo design:

What would you want your backpack to look like? Wink
I like them both!!!!
I like them both too
How about ALICE backpack ( Military Backpack that has a big storage room and space )
The camouflage one would go good with the camouflage shirt... Tongue
Just a few more backpack designs


Now you are talking... I love the tie die one.
Hey I have an idea, how about backpack with pepe teh fog face?
(12-19-2018, 05:34 PM)OcGuy1 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey I have an idea, how about backpack with pepe teh fog face?

maybe something more (anti)festive like... the grinch?

and following on with a few more animal series... tiger (by Freepik)

and wolf (also by Freepik)

might do some matching shirts as well... photoshop is too addictive
Nice one
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