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Full Version: [ACCEPTED] Arshavin300's Ban Appeal
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Username: Akinfeev2700
Server: server brazil 01
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): no
Admit to offense? (yes and what/no): yes I admit that I wrapped the name of the game in an argument against players
Other comments: in my point of view if I were an administrator and had a position of this I would ban the player for 30 days and not permanent as they did and I think that not even 30 days was to be because it was false threat in the heat of the game and how they saw no there was not a kind of attack, what I said was a hot head, in the heat of the game the ban was to be 24 hours at the most and if it repeated that it was ban of 30 days and if it spoke again that came permanent.

warning 1 - ban 24 hours

warning 2 - ban 30 days

warning 3 - ban permanent
Closed while under review

Also, the admin team only recently gained the ability to apply temporary bans.
Hello Akinfeev2700, we are looking for your name in our database to be able to verify your prohibition status. Your account is clean, you're sure that your account that was prohibited was under the name of "Akinfeev2700"?
The admins have reviewed your appeal and came to the decision that the appeal was Successful!
You are unbanned from the game
Reason: Apologizing, but you spelled your name wrong, your banned account name is Arshavin300
However, failure to abide by the rules next time will directly get you banned,
Status changed to ACCEPTED