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Full Version: OcGuy... the tough boi
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Honestly guys I don't know how long I can survive on this PC....
and I don't know how I able to manage survive in 2018 with this thing...

here... leaked photo of my PC....  Cry

Still better than my old laptop XD 1.8ghz, but I did have 4gb of ram.

Hang in there, you'll get a good comp some day, I have faith Smile
[Image: 20170624_180216.jpg?width=937&height=527]

[Image: 20170624_180222.jpg]

It's lying beside my actual PC for quite sometimes, posting it thinking at least you'll be glad to have something better than this.

i should donate it to a museum or smthng i guess
Run Minecraft 4k

[quote='DarkCoder' pid='19710' dateline='1534348265']
[Image: 20170624_180216.jpg?width=937&height=527]

[Image: 20170624_180222.jpg]

I hope that PC have more than 4gb and not 32bit
basically my current laptop (im using it rigth now) is that PC
4 GB Ram, 32 bit processor. Can't run windows 7. Processor discontinued 2 years ago. 2 USB ports..
Should I continue?
I got you beat, my pc still runs on internal hamsters running on a hamster wheel Smile