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Full Version: chaozz... pls...
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Cmon, im already a weak hearted guy i think :p

First of all, look at this weird body of "Me":

[Image: what_the.jpg]

Then the scarier part:

[Image: dcb4d46a29cc40668834ab1c900515b4.png]

Knees shouldn't bend that way.....
and heads shouldn't come off that easy.
lol once I found about 5 bodies of John Doe really close to my base, including one under my foundations (he might have fallen trying to steal form me...). that was a bit frightening  I must say xD

is this 'John Doe' thing because of players who are not online anymore? it's the closest guess I can make, dont know if it's just a joke
no, they are players that died before you were on the server. I don't sync the names to new joining players. So they're named John Doe, like unidentified corpses in morgues.